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About this game
Stretchy zombie action
with Unique yet Simple controls

"Boneless Zombie" is a unique physics platformer in which you control a rubber-bodied zombie and make for the goal.

The strange behavior of the physics engine is worth a look!!

Many traps stand in the way

Many traps (painful thorn, saw, laser cannon etc...) awaiting you.


Avoid them so as not to damage.


Make full use of the gimmick and head to the exit

Utilize the hook and the trolley placed on the stage and head to the goal.

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Now Available on STEAM!!
Play the FREE Demo right now!
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This is the laboratory of a certain organization.

At this laboratory,

researchers kidnapped people and used them as guinea pigs in their attempts to develop a new type of zombie.


One day, the organization succeeded in developing a new type of zombie from a young man they'd kidnapped.

They named it "Boneless Zombie."


The girlfriend kept searching for her kidnapped lover, and at last she reached the laboratory where he was held.

She slipped past the security guards and managed to rescue him from his cultivation capsule.

Panicked that Boneless Zombie had gotten out of his cultivation capsule,

the researchers activated all their zombie-destroying traps and evacuated the laboratory.

Boneless Zombie lost sight of his girlfriend as she was taken away by researchers.


Left alone, the young man put his new boneless body to work and struggled to escape from the laboratory,

while holding on to the hope that his girlfriend had gotten out safely...



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